Septembre 14, 2021 COVID 19 Cancellation Policy Update

Dear vacationers, we can ignore the global health conditions that are caused by COVID-19. We also know that we are all at the mercy of government measures that can impose a travel ban at any time. To date, no insurance covers compensation for cancellations of stays linked to government restrictions.

Know that we also understand your desire to travel and spend good time with family or friends. However, of course, we cannot insure all risks and losses, whereas we are no longer either assisted or covered by any insurance for operating losses.

We have tried to respond as best we can to this situation, which concerns us in the tourism sector and you, as holidaymakers.

So that the host and the holidaymaker will not lose either, we will offer a credit of the amount of your deposit if you quickly come forward to inform us of your impossibility to travel and therefore give us a chance to be able to re-rent the dates of your stay to a holidaymaker not affected by the restrictions, or professionals who are very demanding right now and are not affected by the restrictions.

Our COVID-19 cancellation conditions are as follows:

In the event that the cancellation is due to a governmental decision either of the country of the recipient, or of the country of the holidaymaker the deposit paid to the reservation will turn into have for a validity of 12 months on all the properties proposed by My Holidays in Provence. Under the following conditions:

- Submission of government directives (proof of residence of the contract holder and not any accompanying persons, if travel measures) requiring cancellation for Covid reasons for the period of your stay, the measures must be later than the booking date.

- Your cancellation must be made within 7 days of the government announcement if your stay is concerned and it is expected to be more than 30 days from the announcement.

-Your cancellation must be made within 48 hours after the announcement if your stay is scheduled less than 30 days after the announcement.

After this time your deposit would be lost in case of cancellation.

This credit will be deducted from any new booking, which must be at least equivalent to the original booking. The rate and general conditions applied are those in effect at the time of the new booking.

In all cases the deposit paid could not give rise to a refund. Please review the Covid-19 traffic conditions prior to booking validation.

No compensation or fear of being asked if unable to travel for the following reasons:

- modification of the regulations concerning the wearing of the mask on the department where the stay takes place.
- Cancellation of any means of transport provided to your place of stay.
- restrictions on access to certain tourist establishments by the government of the country, region or department of the place of stay.

- non possession of a health pass (vaccine, PCR test of less than 72 hours, antigenic test of less than 72 hours, self-test carried out and validated by a person authorised to validate the pass.).
- You do not need a Sanitary Pass to access the leased property.

- COVID-19 positive screening of one of the trip members. We advise you to take out insurance for this specific case with organizations that propose them. You can find a complete list below:

Allianz Travel:
Assur Travel:
- cancellation of all means of transport to your place of stay.
We thank you for your understanding.